Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a semi-permanent grooming treatment originating from Moscow, Russia, that creates natural-looking, brushed-up brows in just 40 minutes.
It uses the hair clients already have rather than adding extra brow strokes via make-up or semi-permanent techniques, giving incredible results that last between six to eight weeks.
Working in a similar way to a hair perm, or a lash lift, lamination is being described as like a keratin treatment for your brows – hairs are straightened using a chemical solution and then set in place facing an upwards direction to give clients that “just combed” look. Plus, it has no downtime and minimal aftercare.
“It’s the new trick to get thick brows with that brushed-up effect without the need for semi-permanent make-up. It’s also less expensive than microblading, which is a big deal.”
The treatment begins with a consultation to find the client’s perfect brow shape before a thin coat of glue is applied and hairs are combed into place. A brow perming solution is then applied, followed by a setting lotion then, usually, a hydrating product to prevent dryness. In most cases the treatment is also combined with a brow tint to give extra definition.
Brow lamination is ideal for clients who spend hours grooming unruly brows as well as those who have minimal hair (damn over-plucking) because it creates the illusion of thicker, feathery arches. “It gives clients that definition without the need to fill in their brows with make-up – it’s an everyday timesaver.”